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Global sex survey shows men get more satisfaction

Wed Apr 19, 2006 5:11am ET17

CHICAGO (Reuters) - Around the world, middle-aged and elderly men tend to be more satisfied with their sex lives than women in the same age group, a survey released on Wednesday said.
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Commentary by Aunt B

Who's fault is it girls, if sex is more satisfactory for men? Certainly you can blame the man, call him a greedy sex starved, get in, get out kinda guy. But only if YOU allow it, does it continue. Survey says, sex is an integral part of our existence and 9 times out of 10, we are not doing the horizontal mambo for procreation. So, if you are really only doing it to please your mate, well honey, eventually you will become a resentful and sexually frustrated crabby and nagging partner who looks for fault in your man/woman.

The absolute worst thing you can do is fake an orgasm

You fill his head with false bravado and he thinks that everything is hunky dorey and life will go on for him but for you it'll become an,"Oh God, now I'm all funky again let me go clean up and get back to my laundry. Or, "Oh God here he comes again feeling my ass, he's gonna want sex, eeeew!!" Instead of holy shit that was pretty good and I can't wait till we do it again. How do you get to that point, where you're partner understands that you are much like a rose? He needs to appreciate it, see it for it's beauty, touch it and feel it, smell it and even if it has thorns, get past it and find a spot to hold. Now, we all like it rough sometimes, well, I like it that way most times but from what I understand that cave man shit doesn't fly with the average girl. So, if you wanna improve things you gotta take the bull by the horns. Most women, they say have difficulty having an orgasm with just good ol' fashioned intercourse. But you're moaning and groaning and it feels good but he ends up going to the party without you! You can't tell him this cause then he's gonna think you two are living a lie. What you can do is this; buy a vibrator. It doesn't have to be the John Holmes special, just a simple and sleek model and in fact, if it packs a punch and is smaller it is better. Then, first you use it on his AREAS, it'll get him all hot and bothered and he won't even wonder what the hell is she doing with a vibator. Then, in whatever position you can do it, doggy style is best, while he's doing that you put the vibrator on the clitoral area, find that spot and hold it there. Money Back Guarentee!!

Guys, how do you know if she's faking? Well, for starters, all that moaning and groaning doesn't say shit. What you need to look for is the good ol' muscle spasm on your love muscle. If it didn't get tight, it ain't right!!

Just a tip, for you fellows, if you please her with the vibrator FIRST, she'll be tighter for YOU!! Not to mention, the sensation will still be a good one and she won't see it as an effort or chore.She might just become a nymph on your ass and rip your cloths off when you walk in the door. I've never ever heard or read any guy complain about that!

Sex has gotta be a two person venture, dont' take her word for it that she's having an orgasm. You go out right now, that's right get your ass up and go buy a vibrator and use it on her. Remember, most women do not have orgasms from vaginal stimulation alone. They need clitoral stimulation. So, to make a long story short, you hold that vibrator on her clit and ask her as your doing it,"there? there? there?," until she gives you the right answer and you'll know the right answer by the look on her face and THEN the bonus is vaginal stimulation, it heightens it. Word up... the more orgasms she has, the tighter it will get just like exercise it will start to tighten up. Never heard a man say, ,"OMG, she was too tight," either!

So girls, take responsibility and quit faking the funk. Talk or do. Shit or get off the pot. Tell or shut up. Get over the guilt of enjoyment of sex. Sarah, from the bible, after being told she'd have a child, if they had sex, remarked, and I shall have pleasure at my age? She said PLEASURE!! I don't know who the lame brain biblical scholar was or what religion,(I have an idea but prefer not to point fingers), that put the guilt in the sex factor but monogamous sex is the best,forget the rest!!

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