Thursday, August 24, 2006


Jazz writes...

Aunt B,
I stumbled upon your other blog and then came here. I listened intently to your talk about rape. It was painful and it is what I'm living with right now. Such hurt and pain, I can't even say how bad it is. They haven't got the guy yet, he's still out there. They may never catch him. I was not hurt badly, not physically but mentally it is devastating. I couldn't face anyone or go back to work and my life, as I knew it is a shambles. I am married, for two years now. I can see, even though he says it's not true, that my husband looks at me differently. Does he think I liked it or wanted it? I don't think so but something is different. Am I damaged? I went to get an AIDS test, it was negative but I still wonder. This is killing me slowly. Very slowly.

Aunt B said,

Jazz Darlin', you are in a hell, I know but you have to work through this and take your life back. Let's have a cup of tea and talk...

Part One
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Part Two
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Part Three
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Part Four
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Part Five
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Jasmine said...

this is just what I needed to hear, thanks aunt b

wys said...

I listened to all of these this morning. They're great! Best to you Jasamine. Sorry to hear your having a tough go. Yeah.. that would be tough, alright. Aunt B is fabulous. She is truly a fabulous person and gives advice from ... well -- from the very best there is who can give advice on such matters, and that would be one who's been there and survived it all and come out a better and stronger person on account of it. I would take her advice ANY day. Any day.


Babsbitchin said...

Jasmine, I got your email. It's all gonna be ok, you'll see. And all your feelings will not be so strong once you do some of the things I described. Well, it worked for me anyway. You and your feelings are not alone in this. Many of us have been through this. We are here for you. Now, work on feeling safe again and not letting this own you any longer. (((Hugs)))

Babsbitchin said...

wys, you're my sister and I love ya!

Lynn said...

Babs, that was a great audio post! I love the visual of the gymnast with the ribbons. I'm going to use it. Can you stop by my post if you get a chance? I wonder if you could offer a specific suggestion to a current snafu in regards to the rape problems. Sometimes there are certain things that I need to get done, but I feel blocked.

Babsbitchin said...

Lynn,thanks. I am somehow relaxed by the motion of the ribbon. It works for me. We gotta do whatever it takes, right? Again, I thank you!